The Bridal Look Drama

Photo by Fatema Enayath on Unsplash

Well, who knew ten years later I will write about this!

I was married at the age of twenty one (did anyone mention structures?). I was just out of college and all I had heard was a name “Sabyasachi’.

I did not know what he looked like, and what he created. I knew absolutely nothing about his work.

Those were the simpler days. I was happy if not content with my Nokia 1100 (I still would be if they manage to get the whatapp feature on it) and, of course the Orkut life.

Having said this, the fascination with the aforesaid brand name was because over heard my mother’s friends talking about the most beautiful bride they had seen who wore an Original piece created by the

designer exclusively for her.

Now, the emphasis on the word Original was so much so that I knew I will not be able to afford it at the moment (I was only a graduate!) and I never wanted to put an additional pressure on my father by

demanding one from him (I had fed my pea sized brain too much feminist literature during the colleged ays) them.

The wedding took place and I wore a “Hundred Percent Authentic” Sabyasachi lenhenga from Chandni Chowk!

Today, years later with access to social media I have been drooling over the Sabya Brides all over again. I remember watching the episodes of Band Baja Bride in collaboration with Sabyasachi

through which the dreams of many girls came true to wear a designer made attire. With development in technology, the world has come extremely close. You can find anything you like just by the click of a button, get and share ideas. Social media has connected all of us. How I wish all

of this was available ten years back!

Anyway, those unfiltered, simpler days had its own charm (call me an old soul) and oh! I love millennials.

Though some financial stability at this age today allows me to indulge into such an expensive luxury for my mental peace but, I don’t think I would ever do it now. Because, I do not resonate with that 21

year old myself anymore, who dreamt of dreamy weddings and looking like a royal princess herself.

My mirror tells me that I am different in terms of growth both mental and physical.

I am all Life now!

I am a mother. I am a working-woman. I am a wife, a homemaker, and everything that life has made me.

But, dear Sabyasachi,

You must know that in all this hustle and bustle of life, and to where I have come from then to now, even today the momentary silent seconds between the ticking of the clock take me to meet Her. To meet the same twenty something small town girl, who smiles back at me wearing your most exquisite creation and looking like a dream on her wedding day.

With love,

Still a Sabyasachi Fan.



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